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Academy Of Choi Kwang Do

We are more than a martial arts club, or even a martial arts school. At Academy Of Choi Kwang Do, you will experience the most modern and up-to-date martial art system developed so far – Choi Kwang Do. CKD was conceived in 1978 when our founder Grandmaster Choi, was unable to train in his traditional style due to the harsh nature of the movements commonly found in most martial arts. Since then CKD has become one of the safest and fastest growing martial arts styles in the world. What does this mean to you? Our martial art will provide you or your child with a safe method of training in martial arts, teaching effective and proven self defence skills, while enhancing health and fitness, and focusing on the traditional martial arts values. Our professional instructors focus on your needs, and classes take place in a clean, friendly, and supportive environment in air-conditioned comfort. We focus on helping you or your child to develop to their potential and to give you what it takes to achieve your goals. Click the Request More Information button today to kick-start a better future!

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My son hasn't looked back since joining he absolutely loves Choi Kwang Do. The support and generous spirit of this place is second to none. I cannot recommend the Academy enough for young and old alike.

Academy Of Choi Kwang Do Kelly-ann Mitchell

Kelly-ann Mitchell

If your looking to keep your kids occupied or get them active. I would highly recommend Academy of Choi Kwang Do. They have a class to suit all ages from 3 and up and women's only classes. Donna, John and all the instructors educate their students to respect each other and training to achieve their goals.

Academy Of Choi Kwang Do Matthew Manser

Matthew Manser

Very excepting of all ages and exercise ability. Have being having lots of fun here.

Academy Of Choi Kwang Do Chloe Gibson

Chloe Gibson

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