Martial Arts Programs Available In Townsville

Kids Martial Arts

Do you need an activity where your 3 to 6 year old can burn some energy, learn social skills, self-control and focus? Our activity based classes are based on the Choi Kwang Do system and are a very safe way for young, developing bodies to learn self-defence skills and protective behaviours.

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Adult Martial Arts

The Academy of Choi Kwang Do in Hermit Park offers an efficient, easy to learn self-defence program with an emphasis on fitness health and well being. Our friendly and supportive training environment employs non-contact training methods and incorporates the latest in sports training to get you fit fast!

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Family Martial Arts

Family classes enables all members of the family to train, have fun and learn together at the one time while reaping the benefits of better health and physical fitness. The CKD curriculum is safe for young, developing bodies, yet physically challenging for adults while giving all age groups essential, easy to learn self-defence skills.

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Ladies Only Training

Do you want confidence, to feel & look great, and the drive to achieve your goals? The Academy of Choi Kwang Do has a great way to kick-start your future with fitness, confidence and self-defence skills.

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