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The Academy of Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts in Hermit Park offers an efficient, easy to learn self-defence program with an emphasis on effective martial arts training, fitness and wellbeing. Our friendly and supportive training environment employs non-contact training methods and incorporates the latest in sports training to get you fit fast!

The Choi Kwang Do martial arts system is a very modern martial arts system that will stimulate you physically as well as mentally. Since 1978, the CKD system has been progressively developed with the knowledge of human physiology, kinesiology, neurophysiology, psychology and biomechanics while combined with the latest research in sports training principles to create a very modern martial art system. It is safe, non-contact, easier to learn and a very effective means of self-defence. It takes a holistic approach to maintaining your health through exercise, natural body movement, functional fitness, and correct mental attitudes. Furthermore, our martial art promotes the traditional values and life principles that we have all come to expect from the martial arts.

No matter what your reasons are to do martial arts - to develop and hone your self-defence skills, tone up your body through great workouts, or to improve your motivation to achieve goals, these classes are definitely for you!

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Benefits of Townsville adult martial arts

  • Learn Real, Effective Self-Defence
  • Gain Confidence, Self-Esteem, Fitness & Self-Discipline
  • Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
  • Relieve Stress & Improve Focus

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