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Academy Of Choi Kwang Do Reviews!

  • A martial art was the last thing I thought I would do.  I am not sporty and extremely unco-ordinated.  To my surprise I am loving Choi Kwang do, with the combination of yoga-like stretches, cardio and mindful movement.  The teachers are very supportive and the lack of audience makes it something even the most timid can try.  The punches are fun too!  Give it a go.            Natalia (44 years old).

    Great feedback from our Ladies Only class!
  • "Thank you so much for introducing the Ladies Only classes.  The female instructors are supportive, encouraging and patient, allowing me to learn at my own pace without pressure or intimidation.

    I am now doing something that I never thought I'd have the courage to do. I'm  gaining fitness, coordination and self confidence, all whilst learning self defence and working towards new goals.....and most importantly, I'm having fun."

    Ladies class feedback #2
  • "I began CKD as an activity that I could do with my 5 year old son. At first it seemed to be a good option to compliment my triathlon training, but I was quickly impressed by the physical challenges that the CKD curriculum offered me. As a result, I have chosen to make CKD my personal discipline and I have not been disappointed." Aaron S.


    Ckd is a great family activity
  • "I initially began in CKD after watching my grandchildren train, but when I started, my fitness would let me do only 10 minutes of class before having to rest. The instructors were very supportive and within 6 months, I had lost 17cm off my waist and was able to do 2 hours of training non-stop! I was so impressed that I joined the instructor team so I can help others benefit. I love the challenges and the personal growth that I have gained." ... Ebony M.

    CKD is great for beginners of all ages
  • No egos or attitudes here. Sound instructional technique coupled with well structured and varied training programs. Martial arts plus life skills/qualities.. T.J.

    Great instructors
  • At our martial arts school we always try to practice humility, after all it is one of our principles that we teach our students and I always endeavour to embrace it in my life. Sometimes I really must share what people are saying about us to get the message out. Here is some feedback from somebody who visited our school recently. Mr V

    From: Denis D.
    School: Academy Of Choi Kwang Do - Townsville City

    What did you Like/Dislike?

    No change required... Very enjoyable first impression with very friendly and informative staff.

    How can we do better?

    No change required... Calming and gentle approach to everything. Welcoming and accommodating.

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    5 out of 5 

    New students feedback
  • "My training in Choi Kwang Do started in 2008 when my ability to take part in sports declined, and I had heard CKD could help. Over the previous 10 years I had suffered back pain and I had gone from playing golf 3 or 4 times a week to having to give it up. I am delighted with my progress. My flexibility has improved, I am rarely in any pain, and I am able to enjoy golf again. I still have a lot of room for improvement, and am looking forward to achieving my goals. Choi has become an important part of my daily routine, has certainly changed my life and definitely for the better." ....Chris M.

    CKD has helped my back pain
  • "The classes are fun and engaging for both myself and my daughter. The progressive curriculum gives me goals to work towards, and the skills that I learn keep my body flexible and functional. Looking back over my progress, I have noticed that the training keeps me feeling young and energetic ....John A.   

    Fun and engaging
  • My daughter, Emma, convinced me to join Choi kwang Do in September 2016. I had attended a lesson for fathers and enjoyed it immensely. After not exercising AT ALL for well over 20 years my fitness level was ZERO. Each week, lesson by lesson, I am now reversing that.

    The Dojang is so friendly and very family orientated. We are meeting new people each week.

    The discipline that Choi Kwang Do gives you flows over into your whole life.

    From the very young, to teenagers and then onto adults and even seniors, Choi Kwang Do has something for every group.

    With my fitness level improving and my belt ranking starting to move up, I can thoroughly recommend this martial art for you and your family.

    Ian W.


    What Choi Kwang Do means to me
  • "What I like about Choi Kwang-Do is the pure simplicity and effectiveness of it as a self defence system. CKD will give you an effective means to protect yourself without learning any unnecessary frills. It cuts to the real essence of what a martial art should be while being safe to perform and easy to learn." .... P.P. Instructor

    What I like about CKD
  • "Ever since my son started martial arts training, his grades have improved at school, and his behaviour is better at home. I am really impressed at the way he has developed.... A.P.

    CKD has helped at school

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