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Academy of Choi Kwang Do


Mental Conditioning for Self-Defense

Posted: February 17, 2020

One of the least treated, and probably among the most fundamental, aspects of self-defense training is mental preparation for the high stress involved in undergoing an aggressive situation. At the Academy of CKD, we believe that, for the best chance of staying safe in an act of aggression, our students should train not only to prepare physically for self-defense, but mentally and emotionally as well. To do so, it is very important to understand that self-defense situations that threaten our safety are very stressful and this causes our body to have instantaneous and instinctive responses. An awareness of how the body reacts may save your life!

Here are 5 Conditions of awareness possible in threatening situations:

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1. Condition White - You are totally unaware of your surroundings and totally unprepared for even the prospect of danger. Daydreaming and distractions such as texting on a phone put people into a state where they can be easily overcome and victimised.

2. Condition Yellow - You are relaxed but alert. This is the ideal state to be in. You are not expecting trouble, but you are aware of your environment, so you would recognize a problem if it arose.

3. Condition Orange - You are aware that there could be a problem and your body is reacting to the potential threat. You are alarmed. The best thing to do is breathe deeply and mentally prepare to defend yourself.

4. Condition Red – An attack occurs, and the body goes into fight or flight response. The heart pumps much faster. The body prepares for escape by moving more blood into the arms and thighs. The skin becomes cold as blood moves away from the surface preparing for injury. The brains ability to control fine motor skills is diminished and attempting to hit small targets such as nerves or vital spots is difficult.

5. Condition Black - You are in a blind state of panic, the body freezes from being completely overwhelmed by stress, and defense is impossible. This emotional state is usually experienced by people who have no martial arts training.

At Academy of Choi Kwang Do, our training can help you avoid the Condition Black response by helping you learn how your body actually feels in self-defense situations. With practice, your body can be trained to respond to self-defense situations in a more competent and controlled manner.