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The Academy of CKD Gets Cleaned Up!

Posted: April 10, 2019

Even though we survived being flooded, we did have a very bad mould problem. The carpet looked like it had a new life form inhabiting it, and some of the training equipment had mould growths around 2 cm tall!!!

Our students safety is important to us, so we will be operating only with the clean training gear that we salvaged for last weeks classes at the OES Hall. The other mould affected gear is waiting for the insurance company to approve replacement. Our carpet received a thorough steam clean and is now squeaky clean.

I would like to thank Cecilia Vence from I&I Services for their prompt action with helping clean the dojang, and also Trent and Janie Nolan from Nolan Insurance Brokers for their swift action. With their continued assistance, we are getting the school back up and running very quickly as well as our own personal house and contents insurance claims organised in super quick time. They have bent over backwards to help us and I would not hesitate in recommending these guys.