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Academy of Choi Kwang Do

Use Your Brain For Self Defence

Posted: May 13, 2020

Self Defence Tip
Use Your Brain!

When you think about it, your brain is your best self-defence weapon. This is why we tell our students to "Use your brain for self defence"

Your brain has been refined by evolution to keep you alive. It is always with you wherever you go and always ready to be used.

The best form of self-defence is prevention. You can easily prevent many crimes just by being aware of who and what is around you by using your eyes, your ears, and brain.

If prevention fails, and you have to use some of the other tools and techniques your brain will automatically bring forth the physical moves you have practised.

One of the most important survival characteristics is your attitude. Your brain creates your attitude, which shows itself as confidence.

If you can project that attitude then the chances of being attacked are greatly reduced.

A strong, confident attitude, coupled with some specific physical training is the best combination that will help you to survive over someone who tries to harm you.

This is why you must use your brain for self-defence.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

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